The Discussion

The film “Time To Listen” alone is a compelling story.  Yet, it’s not intended to stand alone as a well-produced film.  This film is intended to challenge our opinions about homelessness and compel people to action.  The discussion guide is developed to take a small group through a 90-minute group session.  Asking questions like, do you know anyone who’s homeless, what causes homelessness, and why do you struggle sympathizing with homeless people?
The discussion is also interactive with a series of questions for each individual in the group about what they think causes homelessness.  The participant is asked both before and after watching the film what they think causes homelessness.  They can indicate their opinion on the discussion guide.  Then, later in the discussion the participant can indicate the cause they feel the most & least compassion for.  This will help the group focus on the area of service they will be most effective.  Print one copy of the discussion guide for each person in the group.