The Campaign

Many churches will use this one-week curriculum as a catalyst to encourage their small groups to serve in the local community.  Your church might choose to focus on this issue in week three or four of your small group session.  Simply show the preview in your weekend service (customize the end of the preview to say, This week in your small group) and then follow up by challenging your small groups to serve practically in your community.
Download and copy the film (Time To Listen) onto DVD’s for the convenience of your small groups and showing the film in their home.  (We suggest your leaders view the film prior to their group meeting)
Encourage your small group leaders to download and print enough copies of the discussion guide to share with everyone in their group.  (We suggest your leaders read through the discussion guide prior to their group meeting)
Some churches will even host special “Time To Listen” groups for people who might not be currently connected in a small group.  This is a great way to pull people together who have a heart for serving in the community.  Then, at the end of the discussion, form them into a new community-serving group and release them to serve in your community.
Establish relationships with local organizations that are serving the homeless population and share these resources with your group leaders.  You might consider listing these groups on your own church website with web links, emails, & phone contacts.  Then, after they discuss (Time To Listen) they can easily contact the local organization and serve.
Encourage your groups to “like” the Change Homelessness Facebook page and share stories from their groups and service projects as part of the discussion.